The exhibition “Favorite Pieces” (in March 2020) shows a cross-section of the current work of the two artists jPhilipp and Iason Clam. Anyone who gets involved with their favorite pieces will discover, in addition to what is already visible, an immaterial visual level of the mystical, not comprehensible. / Kaja Wegner / curator

Rendez-vous Image

Elin lived over 100 years ago. The photo artist brings her back to life as if kissed awake in a fairy tale. But jPhilipp also brings people from Paris, Berlin, Sweden or America to our time and confronts them with phenomena that were unthinkable at their time.
/ Kaja Wegner

Elin and others are gathered in a book and can be seen at the “Rendez-vous Image” exhibition in Strasbourg in January 2020.

Jens in
La Gacilly

La Gacilly opens France’s largest open-air photography festival every year. The small village is located in the middle of Brittany. In summer it turns into a village of pictures for four months. Approximate 1000 large pictures can be seen in streets, gardens and alleys. Every year 300,000 visitors come to the festival. This time Jens was there.

Remix Culture

Reinterpreting famous ideas, picture styles and motifs was the task of the DOCMA Award 19. The artist jPhilipp reinterpreted Grant Woods “American Gothic” for this. It is one of the most famous paintings in the world.

Wood obviously wants to represent order and fulfillment of duty in his painting. jPhilipp’s interpretation puts the pitchfork on the wall of the house. He replaces it with a machine gun. Additionally he illustrates Wood’s pictorial exclusion of the fullness of life and nature by drowning his picture colors in black and white. / The picture can be seen in the Frankfurt exhibition and in the exhibition catalog.

The Art Robbery

Unknown people stoled the picture “Mother with child in front of the painting of St. Sebastian”. On the occasion of the “Berlin Südwest-Passage Kultour” Photoriosa exhibited this picture for the first time. Jens had provided the picture from his photo series “People at exhibitions”. The art theft is spectacular because the picture hung on the second floor of the exhibition and had to be carried through the whole exhibition unnoticed.


Chard in the garden of fashion designer Christian Dior. The photographer Jens took this picture there. The vegetables are reminiscent of rhubarb. With a lot of imagination, the shape of Dior corresponds to the first fashion collection “Ligne Corolle” (“flower cup line”). The large, green leaf and the very impressive stem can then be found in the wide swinging skirt and the figure-hugging top. In the Museum of Art of Indianapolis, the dress is even displayed in green and therefore matches the color of the leaf. Anyway “Ligne Corolle”, “Art Nouveau” or just a fantasy it is up to you.